BonniBonita/Followed By Static split 7″ record release on Bombay Cove!

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Hi everyone!
BonniBonita has their first release coming out on Bombay Cove Records. It’s a split 7″ record with Austin’s Followed By Static with both bands contributing a song a piece.  It will be out on Nov. 16th and both bands are playing at Trailer Space Records on Saturday Nov. 13th. It starts at 7pm with BonniBonita starting the show so get there early and bring a tall boy!

here’s the address:
Trailer Space Records
1401 A Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702
starts at 7pm
Ghormeh Sabzi
Followed By Static

Youtube links for some of the Chorizo Family!

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Hey everyone,

I set up a page on here of some youtube videos that feature some of the bands associated with Chorizo Approved!

Check it out here: HERE

More Shows Posted

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and more to come…

New Artists! New Releases Planned!

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Hello everyone,

We here are pleased to welcome Wesley Hartley and The Traveling Trees as well as Audrey Ryan into the fold here at Chorizo Approved Records.  We have a 7 inch split record planned for Fall of 2010 featuring both of these wonderful acts. Check’em out!

Babel Fishh West Coast Tour and other shows

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Babel Fishh is hitting the road in April for shows on the West Coast!  Check out the TOURS page for shows or his Myspace for more info.

Afuche and BonniBonita have some shows as well. Peace!


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Thank you to all the bands that played this year’s dayshows, and especially all the peeps that came out to watch all the music.  It was a really great week of shows.  Special thanks to Charlie, Selma and everyone at Jaime’s Spanish Village as well as Robert Davis and Bombay Cove Records, Kyle James Smith and  Dare Lamberson for all the roadie help and for helping with the sound, Bonnie Wolfe for all the beautiful poster work, Rock n Roll Rentals for the rad PA.  SEE YA NEXT YEAR!

Bonnibonita Shows for SXSW 2010

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Bonnibonita will be playing 2 shows during SXSW. Hope to see you out!

Wednesday March 17th at 311 Club (311 E. 6th St.) at Midnight

Saturday March 20th at Jaime’s Spanish Village (802 Red River Rd) at 12 Noon for the  Bombay Cove Records dayshow

Listen to some tunes here or here!

New Website! and SXSW dayshows!

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Hello everybody!  Finally got around to getting a new website going.  It’s super brand new so bear with me while I get everything in order here.  I promise with the new site, that it will be updated regularly with show listings of Chorizo Approved Bands and others.  It will have a working online store, as well as new song postings, pics and all the news related to this co-op of a label.

SXSW Dayshows 2010

Jaime’s  Spanish Village March 18th and 19th 2010

The super nice people at Jaime’s is allowing me to host my dayshows there again. LOVE THEM! As always it’s free and you don’t need a wristband to get in.  It’s located at 802 Red River Rd.  across the street from Stubb’s BBQ. We will start at 12 noon on both days and will be done by 5:30pm. The times are tentative because these things tend to run a little behind but it’s a Good idea to show up at the times listed below so you don’t miss a thing. Happy SXSW!  Here are the schedules:

Thursday March 18th   (INSIDE)

12 noon Kyle James Smith (San Marcos, TX)

1 pm Bi-Polar Bears (Austin, TX)

2pm Laserz (Austin, TX)

3pm Pistolera (El Paso, TX)

4 pm Perfect Pants (Austin, TX)

Friday March 19th  (OUTSIDE)

12 noon Marc Clapp (Austin, TX)

1 pm Audrey Ryan (New England)

2pm The Royalty (El Paso, TX)

3pm Babel Fishh (Houston, TX)

4pm Evak1 and the Load Cakes (League City, TX)

Saturday March 20th

Bombay Cove Records SXSW dayshow  (OUTSIDE)

12noon Bonnibonita (Austin, TX)

1pm Broke Beads (Austin, TX)

2pm The Blind Shake (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

3pm Gay Duo (Chihuahua, Mexico)

4pm Followed By Static (Austin, TX)

5pm Damage Pants (Austin, TX)