333’s mini CD-R series

This is an ongoing series of 3 albums for 3 bucks on 3 inch mini CD-Rs that are put out by Chorizo Approved Records and Bombay Cove Records. It’s intent was to document the creative process. The series encourages recording projects, one-time bands, demos, or just about anything else that the musicians involved want it to be.¬† Some of the artists in the series have morphed into full time bands while others just have that moment in time documented on a little 3 inch CD-R.

The Volume One in the series was released in the Fall of 2004 featuring Soda Diet, The Cholo Gun, Y’all, and Master Tape.

Volume Two will be released some time in 2010 featuring  Otis Verbard, Chav Mer, Ghetto Twoilets, and T4.