BonniBonita/Followed By Static split 7″ record release on Bombay Cove!

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Hi everyone!
BonniBonita has their first release coming out on Bombay Cove Records. It’s a split 7″ record with Austin’s Followed By Static with both bands contributing a song a piece.  It will be out on Nov. 16th and both bands are playing at Trailer Space Records on Saturday Nov. 13th. It starts at 7pm with BonniBonita starting the show so get there early and bring a tall boy!

here’s the address:
Trailer Space Records
1401 A Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702
starts at 7pm
Ghormeh Sabzi
Followed By Static

Youtube links for some of the Chorizo Family!

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Hey everyone,

I set up a page on here of some youtube videos that feature some of the bands associated with Chorizo Approved!

Check it out here: HERE

More Shows Posted

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and more to come…


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Thank you to all the bands that played this year’s dayshows, and especially all the peeps that came out to watch all the music.  It was a really great week of shows.  Special thanks to Charlie, Selma and everyone at Jaime’s Spanish Village as well as Robert Davis and Bombay Cove Records, Kyle James Smith and  Dare Lamberson for all the roadie help and for helping with the sound, Bonnie Wolfe for all the beautiful poster work, Rock n Roll Rentals for the rad PA.  SEE YA NEXT YEAR!