Chacon Birthday Show

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Soda Diet Happy Hour set at Carousel Lounge!

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 Carousel Lounge invest in Ethereum (1110 E 52nd St, Austin, TX 78723)

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Soda Diet at Sahara Lounge in June!

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This just in, Soda Diet will have a Happy Hour residency on Thursdays at Sahara Lounge all of June 2013. 7pm – 9pm.  No Cover! Special Guests IQ options! Cold Beer! Mark your calender and Come on out!


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*Updated*SXSW 2012 and other news…

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Hello all!  It’s 2012  and we here at Chorizo Approved are gearing up for SXSW again! We have THREE events planned for this year.

The first is taking place at Bookwoman Bookstore (located at 5501 North Lamar Blvd. #A-105, 78751) on Thursday, March 15th from 6pm -8pm. This show will showcase the talents of independent musician and author, Audrey Ryan who has recently published a book entitled, The Need To Be Heard. The book is ” for and about DIY (“Do It Yourself”) musicians- those artists who do not have big support teams that consist of labels, managers, and lawyers. It is the story of a variety of artists, both known and unknown buy Uniswap, all united by a burning desire to be heard.” Audrey Ryan will be playing a set of music as well as talking about the book. We also have very special guest opener, Chrissy Flatt (featuring Eric Hisaw) performing a set of music as well. This is not to be missed.  It is free to the public and byob.

Second show on our plate is at Sahara Lounge (located at 1413 Webberville Rd. 78721) on Friday, March 16th from 1pm-6pm. This is the Chorizo Approved Showcase (day 1) and will feature

2pm: The Royalty (El Paso, TX)

3pm:  Audrey Ryan (Somerset, MA)

3:45pm: PA.RTS (Austin, TX)

4pm: Up The Academy ( Lawrence, KS)

5pm:  Hüsky Düdes (Austin, TX)

Lastly is Day 2 of our Showcase which will be on Saturday, March 17th at Don’s Campoface (located at 909 Sirocco Dr. 78745) from 1pm -10pm and will feature:

9pm: Chief and the Doomsday Device (San Marcos, TX)

8pm: Mammox (Boston, MA)

7pm: Babel Fishh (Houston, TX)

6pm: Mt. Cruz (League City, TX)

5pm:  Fonzie’s Army (Austin, TX)

4pm: Brzowski (Maine)

3pm: BearSuitSuckerPunch (Austin, TX)

2pm: Kyle James Smith (San Antonio,TX),

Posters, Flyers and more info shortly!

ps. Sahara Lounge has Africa Night every Saturday (check website for details and lineup)

Hüsky Düdes 7″ record release show

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Hüsky Düdes have released their first 7″ on Bombay Cove Records. They are playing at Trailer Space Records on Feb. 3rd with Eric Static (member of Followed By Static) and Laserz. The record is on sale for $5 and comes with a free digital download of the record.  You can also purchase the record at or at local Austin record stores.

A Night of Debauchery…

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Summer Update

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Hello All!

Sorry it’s been so long, it’s been crazy busy this whole year.  Here is just a bit of news on what’s been goin on.  BonniBonita has been playing shows sporadically since SXSW, and have  since takin some time off to record  a full length as well as re-organize after the departure of founding member, Anita Wilson. She will be on the album, but she will no longer be in the band. Best wishes to her on all her future endeavors. The Wesley Hartley and The Traveling Trees/ Audrey Ryan split 7″ has been put on hold for a little longer (Sorry.) It will see the light of day soon. Robert Davis of Damage Pants/Gil San Marcos and Robert Chacon Jr. of  Master Tape/Cholo Gun have started a punk band called Hüsky Düdes and will see a release by the end of the year on Bombay Cove Records, be on the look out for shows soon. Kyle James Smith of Master Tape/Damage Pants/Esbat has been playing some shows with his new country outfit playing under his given name. Babel Fishh is back in the States for a while and is playing some shows sporadically with a bevvy of new split releases. Evak1 has a new e.p. out with Edison entitled, Six Pack O’ Death, out now on Decorative Stamp .  Katy Klapuch of  BonniBonita has joined Austin’s electronic/punk/syth-core outfit Laserz and has been playing regularly around Austin and surrounding areas. And last but not least, our dear friends at Bombay Cove Records have re-released our long out of print cd-r, Y’all, on a 10 in. lathe cut record and will be re-releasing Esbat‘s out of print cd-r on 7″ lathe as well. Both are part of Bombay Cove‘s continuing Lathe Cut Series, hand-cut by Peter King of New Zealand. check the series out if you got some extra dough. find them at this link: BombayCove Records

Well, that’s about it for now. Have a good rest of summer!

Chorizo Approved Ten SXSW 2011

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Friday, March 18th- the show will be at the awesome PlantEscape Gardens run by Adam Diaz. they are located at 3507 South 1st St. Austin, TX 78704

Saturday, March19th – the show will be at Chorizo Approved World Headquarters located at 909 Sirocco Dr. Austin TX 78745

Here is the line-up for the two days of goodness!

Day 1 Friday:

4:00pm – Mark Parker (Ft. Worth,TX)

5:00pm – Kyle James Smith (Austin, TX)

6:00pm – Marc Clapp (Austin, TX)

7:00pm – Boone Jones Graham (Austin, TX)

8:00pm – Audrey Ryan (Somerset, MA)

9:00pm – Bi-Polar Bears (Austin, TX)

Day 2 Saturday:

DJ Steeltoe & SmokeHous  throughout…

2pm – 35mph (League City,TX)

3pm – Lousy Robot (Albuquerque, NM)

4pm – The Deaf (The Hague, Holland)

5pm – Lewee Regal (Oakland, CA)

6pm – Metatron (El Paso, TX)

7pm – Mexicans At Night (El Paso, TX)

8pm – Evak1 (La Dute Ranch, TX)

9pm – Babel Fishh (Email City, TX)

Happy 10 Years!

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Chorizo Approved Records is 10 years old this year.  Big thanks to everyone we have ever worked with over the years and to everyone that has supported us. Without you, we never would have made it this far, REALLY. We are going strong for 2011 with battle plans set for Audrey Ryan and Wesley Hartley & The Traveling Trees split 7″ in. released early spring.  AND… the SXSW  music festival and Chorizo Approved Records Showcase, which is to be a great one. The date isn’t set yet… details to come, BUT we do have the lineup for this year…

Scheduled to appear (subject to change but not likely):

Audrey Ryan (Boston, MA)

Babelfishh (Houston/Austin, TX)

Evak1 and The Dirty Lovers (La Dute Ranch, TX)

35mph (League City, TX)

Metatron (El Paso, TX)

Rafa Pistola and the Imigrant Noise (El Paso, TX)

Lousy Robot (Albuquerque, NM)

The BiPolar Bears (Austin, TX)

Gil San Marcos (Austin, TX)

DJ Steeltoe and DJ Smokestack PitBoss (Austin/SanMarcos, TX)